Your Pool Day Period Essentials

Being on your period doesn’t mean having to miss out on plans or sit on the side-lines when going to the beach or by the pool. You want to be well-equipped with your pool day period essentials to avoid leaks, be discreet and have the best day. Remember, swimming is totally safe and normal during your period, in fact if you have menstrual cramps the light exercise of swimming can relieve these symptoms. How good!


Period Swimwear

First item on the list is your period swimwear! You can opt for tampons or a menstrual cup for swimming while on your period, but many of us can find this to be a more invasive or uncomfortable choice. Our period swimwear options are stylish, offer maximum comfort and are designed with leak-proof technology to keep you feeling totally secure when swimming during the lighter flow days of your period. Choose from comfy leakproof period bikini's, one piece period swimsuits and period bikini bottoms – shop now. 

Waterproof Pouch

Once you’re out of the water, you’ll want somewhere to stash your swimmers to keep everything dry and out of the way. Our Azure waterproof pouch is a great, discreet way to store your wet bathers after swimming and as a bonus, keep everything in your beach bag dry too. 

Beach Towel

Even with the most secure of period swimwear or other barriers, you don’t want to be worrying about any leaks before or after swimming when you’re lounging pool or beach side. Enjoy our round beach towel for sunny afternoons chatting with friends poolside.


Speaking of soaking up the sun, don’t forget your sunscreen! Not only is sunscreen always important, but during your period our hormones that clog our pores and mess with our skin can also increase redness and sun sensitivity. Make sure you slip, slop, slap with a SPF 50+ sunscreen on your summer adventures to keep your skin safe. You should never skip on the SPF, but be extra vigilant if you have sensitive skin.

Water Bottle & Snacks

A day in the sun can get hot, hot, HOT really quickly! Stay hydrated by bringing along your water bottle for any days spent frolicking at the beach or by the pool. Drinking more water is especially important during your period as you’re already losing more fluids and can get more easily dehydrated. Drink up and give yourself a boost! Don’t forget to pack a snack too. Your body is burning more calories during your period which can make you feel hungrier more often. Nothing worse than feeling hangry on a beach day. Fuel your body on those epic summer days!


Now that you’re well-equipped and have your beach bag all packed, it’s time to hit the beach and pool all summer long – no matter what ‘time of the month’ it is. You deserve to have fun, swim, run, play and enjoy yourself without worries. 


Explore our new range of stylish, comfy period swimwear –comfy leakproof period bikini's, one piece period swimsuits and period bikini bottoms – shop now.  

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