Why Period Swimwear is the Ultimate Solution for Active Women

6 Reasons Why Period Swimwear is the Ultimate Solution for Active Women

For women who enjoy staying active through water sports like swimming or surfing, getting your period each month can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and a source of anxiety. Many active women may even choose exercises that don’t involve water during their period to avoid the hassle altogether. 

Traditional menstrual products for swimming like tampons or menstrual cups can be unreliable and uncomfortable, not to mention quickly end up in landfills. Thankfully, for women today, the ultimate solution for comfort and leak-proof protection exists – leakproof period swimwear.

1. Comfort

Our period swimwear has been designed with your comfort while being active in mind. We use high-quality, soft and breathable materials for comfortable movement while swimming or participating in other water sports. This ensures you can swim and move without feeling restricted or uncomfortable. Comfort is key!

2. Leak-Proof, Worry Proof Protection

Azure Belle InnovSwim Technology provides leak-proof protection in our period swimwear pieces. The built-in absorbent layers and water-repellent fabric, combined with a snug, secure fit help ensure leak-proof protection so you can swim on your period with confidence and peace of mind. Enjoy being active and swimming at any time of the month, worry-free!

3. Convenience

With our period swimsuits, you no longer have to worry about fumbling around with tampons to enjoy a day of swimming. Simply put on your favourite period swimwear pieces and enjoy your day without having to worry about changing your tampon or any leaks. This makes swimming during your period convenient and stress-free.

4. Sustainability

What could be a better reason to switch to period swimwear than a kinder option on the planet? Period swimwear is a more sustainable option to single-use menstrual products like tampons that quickly end up in landfill and take up to 800 years to decompose. Your period swimwear can be easily washed and re-worn time and time again, reducing unnecessary waste and having a positive environmental impact.

5. Affordability

You may be scratching your head thinking ‘how could period swimwear be more affordable tampons?’ While period swimwear can be a higher investment upfront, because it can be washed and worn time and time again meaning you save money in the long run rather than continuously by single-use period products like tampons. For active women who enjoy swimming often, this makes period swimwear a very smart investment and lifestyle choice. 

6. Confidence

With the added protection and convenience of period swimwear, you can feel more confident and comfortable while swimming during your period. Plus, staying active during your time of the month can help alleviate period symptoms like cramps and improve your mood. Women should be able to swim, run, play and do anything they set their minds to, regardless of if you have your period or not. Swim with care-free confidence at any time of the month. 


If you or your teen do not want to miss out on regular swims or not being able to enjoy yourself at the beach for a week every month, there is a better way. With the period-proof swimwear from Azure Belle, you can enjoy as much paddle boarding, body surfing and record lap times as your heart desires.

Our sleek designs are made to be as discreet as possible, so no-one will be able to tell the difference between your period-proof bikini and your regular one. If periods, bladder leaks or discharge have been holding you back from swimming, it’s time you tried the period-proof swimwear from Azure Belle.


Azure Belle Australian period swimwear store has a collection of leak-proof period swimwear for teens and women — available for shipping within Australia and internationally with a huge range of cuts, shapes and sizes. Our eco-friendly, absorbent period one piece and bikini period swimsuits provide stylish and discreet options for all-day wear, so you can swim and enjoy summer under the sun without wondering, ‘eek, was that a leak?’

We love our period swimsuits, and we think you will too. Shop now, give them a try, and enjoy total peace of mind with our 100% happiness guarantee!

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