Teen Girls’ Guide to Pool Parties on Your Period

The weather is warming up! That means summer fun, holidays, beach days and pool parties are on the horizon. For teens, navigating the challenge of swimming on your period can be daunting, especially when you don’t want to miss out on social events with friends.

Fret not, mums with teenage and pre-teen daughters! With the right tips, preparation and some Azure Belle leak-proof teen period swimwear, you can have a splashing good time at the pool any time of the month. Keep reading for tips and advice on how to make your period pool party experience as comfortable and carefree as possible. No more FOMO!

Understand your cycle

Understanding your menstrual cycle is the first step to feeling confident during a pool party on your period. Even though your cycle may be irregular, which is completely normal for teens, keeping track of your period dates using a period tracking app is a good idea and habit to get into. This can help you predict when your next period may come and be prepared to lessen panic if your period unexpectedly arrives when you have swimming plans.

Choose the right swimwear

Finding the perfect swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable and confident is a priority for many teens and preteens, regardless of their periods. Adding teen period swimwear protection into the mix, it’s important for your daughter to find period swimwear that not only works for their flow and keeps them leak-free, but suits their personal style too.

Thankfully, Azure Belle Teen Period Swimwear is designed with InnovSwim technology – a built-in leak-proof technology, allowing you to swim on your period without any worries. Our designs, styles and sizing have been thoughtfully considered with teens in mind. Your daughter can feel confident she looks her best, and feels secure and modest when swimming on her period. Our teen period swimwear has been independently lab-tested to hold up to 6ml of period blood and discharge, best suited for a light to moderate flow. For comparison, a typical tampon can absorb up to 5ml.

Plan ahead

Being prepared is key to having a stress-free pool party during your period. Make sure you have all your essentials in a small teen period kit, including: 

  • Teen period swimwear

  • Reusable wet pouch for storing your swimwear after wear

  • Extra period protection if desired (e.g. a menstrual cup)

Take care of yourself

Pool parties can be so much fun, but splashing and having fun can use a lot of energy. When we’re on our periods, our bodies need a little extra rest. This doesn’t mean we can’t still stay active, it just means we should remember to stay hydrated, rest when needed and eat meals that nourish our bodies.

Post-swim hygiene

Our teen period swimwear uses a game-changing technology combined with a snug fit to prevent leaks both in and out of the water when swimming on your period. Once you’re ready to get changed, simply rinse your period swimwear in cold water and pop it into your reusable wet bag until you can wash it when you get home. The bonus of your wet bag is it keeps the rest of your belongings in your bag dry from your wet swimwear! Once you’re home, you can put your period swimwear in the washing machine on a cold gentle wash. We recommend using a delicates garment bag for your period swimwear in the wash to prevent any snags on bra hooks or other clothing items.

Confidence and communication

While we understand every woman’s journey is unique and want to offer everyone the discretion they deserve on their periods, remember every woman goes through this, and there's no need to feel embarrassed if something goes wrong. Communicate with your friends about your period so they can offer support and understanding.

Pool parties are endless fun where you’ll make precious memories with friends and family– with teen period swimwear, there's no reason for your period to hold you back from missing out. With the right preparation, period swimwear, and a positive attitude, you can enjoy every moment of summer fun and splashing just like anyone else. Menstruation is a natural part of life, and it should never keep you from having a blast in the sun and water. Go ahead, find the period swimwear that suits your style, dive in, and enjoy your summer fun!


If you’re ready to take the plunge and start enjoying the water even on your period days, Azure Belle has a range of discreet period swimwear that’s perfect for hitting the beach, stretching with some laps or just chilling by the pool.

With our range of women’s and teen period swimwear in one-piece and two-piece styles and teen period swimwear designed for anyone trying out period underwear for the first time, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. Shop our period swimwear online today, and never miss out on swimming even when it’s that time of the month again.

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