Swimming On Your Period

Swimming on your period always raises questions. There is so much misinformation floating around and it can feel like a hassle to deal with swimming when you’re period. Is it safe? Is it hygienic? Will sharks eat me? (Spoiler alert: NO).

Truly, it has never been easier to confidently enjoy beach and pool days full of swimming and splashing than with period swimwear. No more sitting on the sidelines, saying you’re sick, or fumbling around with tampons or a menstrual cup.

Period swimwear is stylish, comfy and functional so you can swim on your period with confidence. Here are your top questions about swimming on your period answered.

Is it safe to swim on your period?

We've all asked ourselves this at some point! Is it safe to swim when you're on your period? Short answer - yes! It's completely safe and sanitary to go swimming during your time of the month. However, it is advised not to use products like pads or liners which soak up water and haven't been designed for swimming. If you're spooked by tampons or menstrual cups, for the easiest worry-free experience, there's nothing better than period swimwear! Comfy, stylish and discreet for summer fun with friends and family. No one would ever know they're not regular swimmers! What is the best period product for swimming?

When it comes to swimming on your period, options like tampons or menstrual cups can feel invasive and can have an uncomfortable learning curve - especially if you're new to it all! Missing out is not an option, this is why we love thoughtfully designed, leak-free period swimwear.

Our period proof swimwear for teens and women helps you feel secure (and stylish!) while swimming, whether it's your first period or fortieth. Remember, the best period product for swimming is the one that works best for you.

Will swimming on my period make cramps worse?

Actually the opposite! Although you might feel a bit sluggish and down on your period, one of the best things you can do is move your body. Swimming is one of the best ways to move your body during your period because it’s gentle and low-impact but still gives you the endorphin boost. Light exercise like yoga, pilates, walking or swimming can help relieve cramps and period symptoms during your time of the month. How good is that?

Will swimming in the ocean on my period attract sharks?
This is a huge period myth that’s been circulating for years and years. Fair enough to be wary of sharks, but your period has nothing to do with increasing the likelihood of a shark attack. Truth be told, there’s never been a documented case of a shark attack because someone was menstruating. Plus, the amount of blood you lose when swimming on your period is actually no more than a child would get if they scraped their knee at the beach. Swim with period swimwear, feel confident and no worries!

Does your period stop when you’re in water?
Many people believe that your period stops when you’re in water. This is because of the water pressure when you’re submerged in water. It doesn’t actually stop your flow though, so to enjoy worry-free, leak-proof swims while getting in and out of the water, an extra layer of period protection will keep you feeling confident and secure all day long.



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