Period Swimwear for Leak-Free Swims

Period swimwear is still a relatively new concept for many females. Of course we’re absolutely big fans of it but we understand why some people have their reservations about how it works. We’re here to give you the low down on period swimwear for leak-proof, worry-free swims all summer long. 

Trust us, once you try period a swimsuit, you’ll never go back to days of sitting on the sidelines or the more invasive options of tampons or menstrual cups. Sustainable, maximum comfort and total style. Experience the freedom and you won’t want to go back to life without period swimwear!

How does it work?

Okay, so if you’re wondering ‘well, how does that work anyway?’ you wouldn’t be the first to ask! Our period swimwear has been thought-fully designed with Azure InnovSwim® Technology that has been independently tested for absorbency in world-leading laboratories to global standards. The absorbent design is moisture wicking, highly absorbent to prevent leaks and leave you feeling comfortable and protected. 

The absorbent layer of your period swimwear is supported by waterproof and moisture wicking outer protection layers that works to ensure water doesn’t get inside your swimwear bottoms. The outside fabric of the swimwear is safeguarded by a water repellent fabric that keeps water out and prevents leaks. It’s also important to have a snug, secure fit for this reason too!

That’s great, but why wouldn’t I just wear a tampon or menstrual cup?

You definitely can! Since our period swimwear is for light to moderate days of your period, some women with heavier flows choose to wear their period swimwear as an extra barrier of protection. For many women though, the choice to wear solely period swimwear is what works best for them. Both tampons and menstrual cups can be more invasive and uncomfortable options, especially for young teens or beginners. However, we know many women who have had their periods for years and aren’t fans of using tampons which is where our period swimwear including one piece swimsuits and period bikini bottoms makes life so much easier.

As well as this, tampons and menstrual cups are both period products that ultimately end up in landfills. As a brand, sustainability is important to us and many of our customers too! Having a period product for swimming that can be easily washed and worn again for years and years is the best option to have.

It’s not daggy to wear period swimwear though, is it?

Absolutely not! This was very top of mind for us when designing our period swimwear collection. No matter what, as women we deserve stylish swimwear options, and that includes period swimwear! We designed gorgeous patterned options, as well as simple black swimming briefs that can be mixed and matched with your existing swimwear. It’s discreet and stylish, no one would ever know you’re wearing period swimwear.

Don’t believe us yet? Hear from just a few of our happy customers.


“For teenagers these are a great idea! My daughter wore them with her bikini top and no one knew they were period bathers” - Kelly O.


“Looks like normal bathers. She matched with a colour crop top. Would buy again.” - Laura C.


“You wouldn't know they were period wear, they are just like normal bathers but with period protection. Great idea thanks.” - Holly O.



Azure Belle Australian period swimwear store has a collection of leak-proof period swimwear for teens and women — available for shipping internationally with a huge range of cuts, shapes and sizes. Our eco-friendly, ultra-absorbent period one piece and bikini swimsuits provide stylish and discreet options for all-day wear, so you can swim and enjoy summer under the sun without wondering, ‘eek, was that a leak?’

We love our period swimwear, and we think you will too. Shop now, give them a try, and enjoy total peace of mind with our 100% happiness guarantee!

Explore our range and discover your period freedom for yourself – shop now.

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