Period Swimwear FAQs: All You Need to Know in One Place

People’s first reactions when they learn about period swimwear is usually confusion and intrigue, followed by some burning questions and concerns about how it all works. No worries, we've got you covered! Let's dive into the most frequently asked questions about period swimwear to provide you with all the information and reassurance you need to step into a new chapter of confidence.

How does period swimwear work?

Oh, it's pretty nifty! Our period swimwear uses a unique multi-layer design that’s absorbent and leak-proof. The outer layer is designed to repel water from the outside, while the discreet, lightweight inner layers wick away moisture, keeping you dry and comfy. Our InnovSwim technology includes an extra absorbent layer for added leak-proof protection, without any extra bulk. It's all about keeping you confident and secure for days of pool and beach fun!

How long can I wear period swimwear?

Period swimwear offers you hours of leak-proof protection without having to change in-between, meaning you can wear period swimwear for the duration of your swim session or water-based activity without worries. Our designs are crafted for light to medium days of your period and designed to provide reliable protection against leaks while giving you the freedom to move around. Once you’re done swimming or poolside lounging, simply pop your period swimwear into your wet bag or rinse and put into the wash at home.

Will my period swimwear smell bad while I’m wearing it?

Not at all! Say goodbye to any worries about unpleasant odours. Our period swimwear is designed to minimise smells. The absorbent materials used in period swimwear help trap and neutralise odours, so you can feel fresh and confident while enjoying your swim.

Is my period swimwear going to be bulky and noticeable?

No way! Period swimwear is all about being discreet and comfortable. The fabrics used are lightweight and stretchy, ensuring a snug fit that hugs your body. They're designed to be both stylish and functional, so you can rock your swimwear without feeling self-conscious. You'll feel fabulous and totally confident in the water!


Before dipping into the beach or pool, wash your swimwear before your first wear to activate the absorbent InnovSwim® technology fabric fibres.

How do I wash my period swimwear?

Washing your period swimwear is a breeze! We recommend hand washing or using a gentle cycle with cold water. Skip the harsh detergents and fabric softeners as they can affect the absorbency and performance of the swimwear. Easy peasy!

Our period swimwear is your reliable and comfortable sidekick for swimming during your period, allowing you to splash and play without worries. Explore our collection online and step into a chapter of confidence. 


Our period-proof swimwear ranges from sizes 6 to 18 in ladies and size 8 to 16 in teenage. Designed to conform to your body and offer a flattering, secure fit, you will surely find an option for every body type. For more information, review our size guide or contact us for help checking your measurements.


Swim with confidence and get the most reliable and dependable leakproof protection by ensuring you have a super snug fit, no loose areas! Please ensure you keep this in mind when selecting your sizing and first trying on your swimwear.


To preserve your period-proof swimwear and ensure you get the most use out of them, follow our wash and care instructions:

  • Wash prior to use — Before dipping into the beach or pool, wash your swimwear to activate the absorbent InnovSwim® technology fabric fibres.
  • Rinse after use — The salt and chlorine in water, as well as sunscreen and other body oils, can tarnish the fabric. Rinsing them before changing will help preserve their integrity and design.
  • Wash — Wash them in your normal clothes wash with cold water and avoid fabric softener and bleach.
  • Dry off — Line dry your period-proof swimwear without overexposing them to the sun, which could fade their colour over time.


Yes. Many of our Azure Belle gals love the flattering fits and supportive wear our pieces give them on and off their period. Providing the perfect amount of coverage while helping you feel comfortable and confident as you relax on a sun lounge, enjoy a dip in the pool or ride the waves at a beach.


If you’re ready to take the plunge and start enjoying the water even on your period days, Azure Belle has a range of discreet period swimwear that’s perfect for hitting the beach, stretching with some laps or just chilling by the pool.

With our range of women’s period swimwear in one-piece and two-piece styles and teen period swimwear designed for anyone trying out period underwear for the first time, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. Shop our period swimwear online today, and never miss out on swimming even when it’s that time of the month again.

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