7 Tips On How To Care For Period Proof Swimwear

Once you’ve discovered the comfy, stylish and sustainable benefits of period swimwear, you will undoubtedly want to wear your set again and again. Whether you hit the beach or pool often, our period swimwear care guide will help to ensure your bikini bottoms or one-piece stays in top condition after each wash and wear.

The steps of how to care for period-proof swimwear differ slightly from regular swimwear care but are just as easy to follow. Plus, your washing machine will do most of the work, so you can spend less time in the laundry and more time planning your next beach holiday.

Read on for our top tips on how to wash period swimwear.

#1 Wash before your first use

Whether you’ve ordered a pair of women’s or teen period swimwear, washing every new set before first use is best. Our InnovSwim® technology features three comfortable and discreet layers; one to absorb any blood or discharge, a second waterproof layer to ensure water doesn’t get inside, and a final moisture-wicking layer for added leak-proof protection.

Washing your period swimwear before use will help activate the absorbency in these fabric fibres and how they work. Once washed, you’ll be able to swim with confidence knowing your Azure Belle period swimwear can absorb up to 6 ml (1 regular tampon or pad holds 5ml).

#2 Rinse in cold water after use

A post-swim rinse is an essential step in our period swimwear care guide. After each use, use cold water to rinse your period swimwear and wring them out gently. Even if you decide not to go swimming or get them wet, sunscreen and your own body oils can leave a residue that can damage the swimwear fibres. When in doubt, rinse them out!

#3 Store until wash time

So you’ve rinsed your period swimwear; now what? Don’t worry, they’re not going to get your bag wet. The top absorbent layer is only released once it’s washed with detergent. But for peace of mind, our Azure Belle Neoprene Waterproof Pouch makes for the perfect beach accessory and can be used to store your period swimwear until you get home.

Another common question that’s asked when it comes to how to care for period-proof swimwear is whether or not you have to wash them straight away. If you don’t have a load ready to go, you can set aside your rinsed period swimwear until your next wash — but do not soak.

#4 Protect in a garment bag

One of the best things about how to wash period swimwear is that you can wash them in the washing machine alongside your other clothes. But it is a good idea to pop your period swimwear into a garment bag to protect them from getting caught on anything. 

Hooks from bras or other clothing can pull on your swimwear throughout the cycle, so a garment bag will save the material from getting snagged and prematurely sagging. Period swimwear needs to fit snugly with no loose areas, so try on your swimwear before washing and exchange or return within 30 days of receiving your order if they’re not the right fit.

#5 Keep your wash cold

Another important step for how to care for period swimwear is ensuring your washing machine is set on a cold, gentle wash. Cold water helps preserve the layered fabrics and their absorption abilities while preventing staining. There’s a chance that if you wash with hot water, blood will set into the fabric, which is why water should always be cold when rinsing and washing period swimwear.

#6 Avoid fabric softener and bleach

Your regular detergent can be used to wash period swimwear but skip any fabric softener or harsh stain removers. These can interfere with the special technology of the fabric, and your garment may not last as long. 

If you want fabric softener in your load, you can hand wash your period swimwear separately. Just remember to keep the water cold and your detergent choice gentle.

#7 Hang in the shade

After washing, hang your period swimwear in the shade to dry. Avoid a sunny spot, as direct light can cause colour fading. Period swimwear can take longer to dry than regular swimwear — because of the layered fabric — so be sure to check whether they’re completely dry before putting them away. 

Never put them in the dryer, as this can compromise the fabric. If you need to dry them faster, try rolling them in a towel before hanging them to speed up the process.

Feel confident in our stylish and sustainable period swimwear

Now that you know how to care for period-proof swimwear, you can reduce your need for single-use sanitary products and swim confidently. Ladies and teens no longer have to miss out on the beach or pool when they have their period, thanks to our stylish, discreet, leak-proof period swimwear that can be washed and re-worn.

Suitable for light to moderate flow days, our swimwear is designed in Australia by women for women. Browse our complete range today to discover bikinis, one-pieces and long-sleeve designs, and reach out to our friendly customer care team if you have any questions or need help finding the right size.

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