Is It Safe To Swim On Your Period?

We've all wondered at some point whether it's safe to swim while on our period. The answer is a resounding yes! Swimming while on your period is completely safe and sanitary. However, it's important to choose the right products to ensure a worry-free experience. While traditional options like pads or liners aren't suitable for swimming, and tampons can be uncomfortable to use, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a fantastic, eco-friendly alternative that offers comfort, style, and discretion—period swimwear. Let's dive into the world of period swimwear and explore why it's the best–and totally safe– choice for swimming on your period.

Swimming during your period is completely safe

First things first, let's debunk the myth that swimming on your period is unhygienic or dangerous. Rest assured, it's nothing more than a misconception. Menstrual blood is a natural part of the reproductive process and is not inherently dirty or unsanitary. So, you can leave those worries behind and embrace the water with confidence.

Chemicals keep swimming pools clean

Ever wondered how swimming pools stay clean? Chemicals like chlorine work their magic by keeping the water sanitized and free from harmful bacteria. These chemicals neutralize any germs that can come into contact with water, even from our skin cells. Menstrual blood is the least of anyone’s worries! Rest assured, even if you didn’t have any period protection and went swimming, it remains a safe and hygienic environment for everyone. So, relax and enjoy your swim without any concerns.

How does period swimwear work?

Period swimwear is designed with innovative leak-proof technology that ensures you stay comfortable and worry-free while swimming on your period. The swimwear features built-in absorbent layers that prevent leaks and keep you dry, while also allowing water to pass through freely. This means you can swim, splash, and enjoy water activities without any worries of leaks or discomfort. Period swimwear is a reliable and convenient option that provides both protection and peace of mind.

Period swimwear has got you covered

Thanks to the wide range of menstrual products available today, swimming on your period just got a whole lot easier. There are many options of period protection for swimming, including menstrual cups, tampons, and period swimwear. While menstrual cups and tampons can be more invasive and uncomfortable options, period swimwear offers a comfortable and eco-friendly alternative. Unlike disposable products, period swimwear is reusable and can be washed and worn again, making it a sustainable choice for both your body and the environment.

Our ladies and teen period swimwear collection is designed with your comfort, style, and discretion in mind. Whether you prefer a one-piece swimsuit or a bikini, you'll find a variety of one piece and bikini options that suit your preferences. Our period swimwear is not only functional to keep you leak-free for hours but also fashion-forward, making you feel confident and empowered during your swim. With our period swimwear, you can enjoy all the benefits of swimming while managing your period with ease.

When it comes to swimming on your period, rest assured that it is absolutely safe. With our stylish and functional period swimwear, you can swim worry-free and enjoy all the benefits that swimming brings. No need to let your period hold you back or dampen your poolside fun—embrace the water, dive in, and make a splash with confidence!

Explore our Azure Belle Period Swimwear collection, thoughtfully designed for women and teens, and choose the perfect piece to accompany you on your swimming adventures. With our period swimwear, you can swim on your period with comfort, style, and peace of mind. Don't let your period limit your summer fun—dive into the water and make unforgettable memories with Azure Belle Period


If you’re ready to take the plunge and start enjoying the water even on your period days, Azure Belle has a range of discreet period swimwear that’s perfect for hitting the beach, stretching with some laps or just chilling by the pool.

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