The Freedom To Swim: How To Go Swimming On Your Period (Without Tampons!)

Most women can agree, getting your period each month can often be a tough time with cramps, nausea, and mood swings amongst other frustrations. Not to mention the inconveniences of having your period can disrupt your plans, especially those involving swimming. 

If you’re someone who isn’t a fan of tampons or menstrual cups usually used for period protection with swimming, you may end up feeling left out or shy away on the side lines on swimming days. No one likes to miss a day at the beach with friends or a dip in the pool.  With period swimwear, you don’t have to use tampons or miss anything – no matter what time of the month!

Which period products can I swim with?

Typically, the most common period products to use while swimming have been tampons or menstrual cups – both of which can be invasive, uncomfortable and come with some learning curve. That leaves us with pads which are a no-go for swimming as they will absorb water, bulk up and become ineffective for absorbency. There’s period underwear which is non-invasive but it isn’t designed for keeping water out and avoiding leaks while in and out of water. Enter period swimwear, your new favourite period product solution for swimming on your period. Stylish, comfortable and convenient to keep you leak-free and worry-free when swimming at any time of the month.

How does period swimwear work?

Our period swimwear works to keep you leak-free and secure with a combination of our InnovSwim Technology and a snug, secure fit. Our multi-layer design includes: thin, discreet layers designed to absorb menstrual blood, a moisture wicking layer to keep you feeling dry and comfortable, a water repellent fabric designed to keep outside water from absorbing into your swimwear. 

Our thoughtful and innovative design has been created with the needs of women in mind, to be stylish and discreet – our period swimwear looks and feels like your regular swimwear! Watch a quick video on how our period swimwear works

Wouldn’t it be best to avoid swimming on my period?

There’s really no reason to avoid swimming during your time of the month. You may feel sluggish or tired when on your period, which is a great time to listen to your body and honour your rest, however if you feel up to exercising there are many benefits. Light exercise like yoga, walking and swimming can help increase endorphins to lift your mood and alleviate cramps. All the more reason to swim and move your body while on your period!

Will sharks attack me if I swim on my period?

Short answer – no! This is probably one of the most common period myths out there! It’s totally fine to be wary of sharks, but your period has nothing to do with increasing the likelihood of a shark attack. Truly, there’s never even been a documented case of a shark attack because someone was menstruating. Plus, the amount of blood you lose when swimming on your period is usually no more than a child would get if they scraped their knee at the beach. 

Is it unsanitary for me or other people to swim on my period?

There’s absolutely nothing unsanitary or unhygienic about swimming on your period – for you or other swimmers. In most cases, the water pressure stops your flow when you’re submerged in water which means it would be highly unlikely to be leaving a trail of blood or anything while swimming. Swimming pools use chlorine for the very reason of keeping pools clean to avoid diseases from sweat, urine or any other bodily fluids. 

Period swimwear will be your new best friend, giving you peace of mind to enjoy worry-free, leak-proof swims while getting in and out of the water, plus an extra layer of period protection to keep you feeling confident and secure all day long.

Explore our Azure Belle Period Swimwear collection and start living life to the fullest, any time of the month.

Feel confident in our stylish and sustainable period swimwear

Now that you know about period-proof swimwear, you can reduce your need for single-use sanitary products and swim confidently. Ladies and teens no longer have to miss out on the beach or pool when they have their period, thanks to our stylish, discreet, leak-proof period swimwear that can be washed and re-worn.

Suitable for light to moderate flow days, our swimwear is designed in Australia by women for women. Browse our complete range today to discover bikinis, one-pieces and long-sleeve designs, and reach out to our friendly customer care team if you have any questions or need help finding the right size.

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