How Period-Proof Swimwear is Empowering People with Periods

Sometimes, we run up against the limits of our own bodies, and have to accept that there’s something we just can’t do. We can’t all run as fast as Usain Bolt, or deadlift more than our own body weight. Periods, on the other hand, are a bodily function that don’t need to hold us back – so why is it that people who menstruate have to go through FOMO and end up missing out on fun, physical activities just because it’s ‘that time of the month’?

Frankly, we think it’s a bit ridiculous. Over half the population experiences menstruation, and it’s a completely normal, natural phenomenon. So why should it stand in the way of beach trips, pool parties, chilling in the spa or getting your laps in? In our opinion, it shouldn’t. That’s why we developed our comfortable period swimwear range, so you can keep up on all your favourite aquatic activities.

If you’ve yet to be familiar with sustainable period swimwear, you might have a few questions about how they work, what to expect when using period swimwear and how to feel confident when using it. Fortunately, we’ve got answers. So, allow us to break down some of our top tips for skipping the FOMO and feeling confident on your period.

What is sustainable period swimwear?

Sustainable period swimwear is a reusable, washable and super absorbent alternative to wearing pads or tampons when you’re in the water. It’s crafted using layers of highly absorbent material sandwich inside waterproof, stretchy fabric that provides a barrier to water, sweat or other outside moisture, and wicks away blood and other discharge to keep you cool and dry on the inside of your swimmers.

Fitted to make you feel confident all day, our comfortable period swimwear takes the stress and anxiety out of heading into the water when you’re on your period.

How to feel confident on your period

It’s no secret that your physical and mental health can feel less than perfect on period days. However, there are definitely ways you can feel more confident and still give yourself the freedom to enjoy the things you love.

  • Get up and get moving – It’s an adage that you’ve probably heard before, but it really is true that exercise and movement can help ease mild cramps, release endorphins to boost your mood, and generally make you feel more connected to and confident in your body.

    If being on your period puts more high impact fitness classes or gym sessions out of the question, swimming can be a great alternative. It’s a good way to get your body moving in spite of bloating or cramps, and treating yourself to a warm spa session after a few laps can also ease pain.   

  • Take part in things you enjoy – If you tend to get the dreaded PMS or mood swings around the time you get your period, you know how important it can be to establish routines that allow you to get out, socialise and participate in activities you enjoy.

    Getting outside in the sun to be active and hanging out with friends can be a great way to keep up your confidence and feel happy even when some PMS symptoms are rearing their ugly heads. Plus, there’s nothing worse than having hormonal strife brought on by your period and then having to miss out on an exciting event like a boat trip or a day at your mate’s pool. Comfortable period swimwear is so useful in these situations, because it’s a simple solution that means you don’t have to miss out on those moments. 

  • Strike a balance – Don’t get us wrong, sometimes your period is just going to lay you low, even with the best laid plans. If you’re struggling with severe cramping or other symptoms, exercise might be off the cards for a few days. Don’t beat yourself up about taking some much-needed rest when it’s necessary. Take a self-care day — Order a takeaway, line up a great movie and pop on your comfortable period swimwear to enjoy a warm bath without the mess.

  • Choose menstrual products that let you move freely –  There are lots of reasons why sustainable period swimwear trumps traditional menstrual products: they’re better for the environment, better value for money and far more versatile. But probably the best benefit is that period swimwear offers a far more practical and absorbent solution to the problem of trying to enjoy swimming or other water related activities during your period.

    With the right comfortable period swimwear, you can lounge in the ocean, at the lake or pool and feel confident that you won’t have to deal with leaks or accidents. Because they’re more absorbent than regular tampons or pads, period swimwear gives you protection for longer. Plus, the fitted and waterproof design stops water from getting in and any bodily fluids from seeping out, both while you’re in the water and out of it.

  • The final word on comfy period swimwear

    It’s pretty obvious we’re big fans of comfortable period swimwear, how it can keep you feeling confident and enjoying an active lifestyle that’s such a big part of getting through your monthly period with minimal mess and discomfort. If you’re ready to ditch the fear of missing out and keep enjoying yourself no matter when that event falls on the calendar, shop our range of women’s period swimwear and teen period swimwear in a range of designs and gender-neutral options to suit any body type and lifestyle.

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