Educating about Sustainability. Period.

Educating about Sustainability. Period.

The Sustainable Period Project is a one stop shop for free resources to help educate about re-usable and sustainable menstrual hygiene options.

Read more information for parents about modern sustainable sanitary options.

Check out our resource page where you can download handouts, PowerPoint presentations with speaker notes, menstruation themed quizzes, links to Kahoot! quizzes and so much more!

You can also apply to have a Sustainable Period Project resource kit sent to your school or organisation* which includes sample products.

Empower your audience to make menstrual hygiene choices that will help the environment, their health, and save money!

“…For years we have had teachers contacting us for sample menstrual cups to show their students, and many of our Lunette customers ask ‘why didn’t we know about these earlier??”. We knew we had to start something big, something that no-one had ever tried before – and the Sustainable Period Project was born. We alone cannot change people’s attitudes, ideas and education about sanitary options, but in collaboration with other sustainable menstrual companies, teachers, health workers and period positivity we can all make an epic dent in our war on waste in an increasingly sustainable world…”

Elizabeth, Carol and Susan. Founders of the Sustainable Period Project, Lunette Australia & NZ

*School or organisation must be based in Australia or New Zealand to qualify.



At Azure Belle we recognise that periods are highly personal and each woman is in a unique phase of her own journey.

Our eco-friendly leak-proof period swimwear provides a stylish, discreet option so you have the freedom to enjoy every day, even when you have your period.

Our period swimsuits are suitable for light to moderate days of your period. It is designed in Australia, by women for women. It has been rigorously tested by world leading, globally certified laboratories to ensure ultimate comfort, confidence, and leak-proof protection.

Because our ladies and teen period swimwear pieces can simply be washed and re-worn, you can reduce your environmental footprint unlike using tampons and single-use sanitary products that contribute to waste. 

Shop our range of ladies and teen eco-friendly and sustainable period swimwear. 

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Learn more about how period swimwear works.

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