Does period swimwear really work?

The idea of period swimwear is mind-boggling to some. One of the most common questions when people hear about it is ‘Does period swimwear really work?’ Revolutionary period-proof swimwear has gained popularity for the promise of providing comfort, convenience, and peace of mind during that time of the month, especially for those who don’t want to or aren’t comfortable using tampons. If you’re still sceptical, keep reading while we explore what period swimwear is, how it works, and why they are a game-changer for many women.

What is period swimwear?

Period swimwear is a type of leak-proof swimwear innovatively designed to absorb and secure menstrual blood so you can swim while on your period without worrying about leaks. Our ladies and teen period swimwear looks, and is just as comfy as, your regular swimsuits but comes with an added layer of period protection to prevent leaks both in and out of the water on pool or beach days. The key to the effectiveness of our period swimwear lies in the innovative, lab-tested layers of the gusset design, combined with a snug fit (no loose areas!)

How Do Period Swimsuits Work?

The science behind how our period swimwear works comes down to 3 discreet, non-bulky layers.

  • Absorbent Layer: A thin and discreet layer, lab-tested to absorb up to 6ml of menstrual blood and discharge. It can absorb up to 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds.

  • Waterproof Layer: The waterproof layer supports the absorbent layer to lock away any absorbed blood and discharged, and prevent water from getting inside your swimsuit.

  • Moisture-Wicking Layer: The moisture-wicking layer is closest to your body and is designed to quickly wick away moisture from your body. This ensures that you stay comfortable and dry in the gusset area, while in and out of the water.

The combination of these layers along with a super snug fit makes our period swimwear a convenient and comfy option for preventing period leaks while you swim, play, or relax at the beach or pool during your time of the month.

Why should I try period swimwear?

Period swimwear is a game-changer for many reasons, including:

  • Offering you leak-proof confidence: The primary reason women choose for period swimsuits is the peace of mind they offer. No more worrying about invasive, uncomfortable tampons. These swimsuits provide leak-proof protection, allowing you to enjoy your time without any concerns.

  • Eco-Friendly: Wearing period swimwear means you don't need single-use, disposable period products when swimming during your period. Period swimwear can be simply washed and worn again, making it a far more planet-friendly and zero-waste choice.

  • Comfort and Discretion: Period swimwear is designed for comfort and discretion. Our layers are lightweight and effective, so they don't feel bulky and they look just like regular swimwear, all the while you feel confident and secure while swimming or sunbathing. No one would ever know you’re on your period!

So, to answer the question, ‘Do period swimsuits really work?’ – the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’ Period swimwear is a revolutionary solution for women and teens looking to enjoy pool and beach days at any time of the month without any worries. Combining functionality and stylish designs, Azure Belle Period Swimwear allows you to dive into freedom.


If you’re ready to take the plunge and start enjoying the water even on your period days, Azure Belle has a range of discreet period swimwear that’s perfect for hitting the beach, stretching with some laps or just chilling by the pool.

With our range of women’s period swimwear in one-piece and two-piece styles and teen period swimwear designed for anyone trying out period underwear for the first time, you’re sure to find the perfect fit. Shop our period swimwear online today, and never miss out on swimming even when it’s that time of the month again.

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