Dive in With Confidence: Does Period Swimwear *Actually* Work?

As we look for eco-friendly lifestyle swaps and better ways to manage our periods, it seems period swimwear is the topic everyone’s talking about. However, every conversation seems to float the same question – does period swimwear actually work?

Yes! Using a combination of our InnovSwim technology and a snug fit, our period swimwear absolutely works to keep you leak-free and secure. We hear your scepticism though, and we’re here to break it down and answer your questions so you can take the step into a new chapter of confidence swimming on your period. Let's dive in!

What is period swimwear?

First things first, what exactly is period swimwear? It's a type of swimwear that's designed to absorb menstrual blood, so you can swim without the fear of leaks or stains. Tucked away in the bottom of your swimwear, known as the gusset, our period swimwear utilises a thin, discreet multi-layer technology that absorbs menstrual blood, moisture wicks to keep you feeling dry and repels water from the outside. 

Period swimwear can differ from brand to brand, but our Azure Belle Period Swimwear has been thoughtfully designed with the needs of ladies and teens in mind to be super discreet and just as stylish as your regular swimwear. No one would ever know you’re on your period!

How does it work?

Our period swimwear is made with innovative technology that absorbs menstrual blood and locks it away, so you can enjoy swimming, surfing, or just lounging on the beach worry-free and leak-free. Combined with our multi-layer absorbent technology, a snug, secure fit is also imperative when choosing your sizing in period swimwear to ensure no leaks. 

  • Absorbent: The first layer of your period swimwear is a thin and discreet layer that absorbs any menstrual blood or discharge.
  • Waterproof: The second layer is a waterproof layer that ensures any water doesn’t get inside your swimwear. A snug fit is essential for this too when choosing your size.
  • Leakproof: The last layer is moisture-wicking for extra leak-proof protection and to ensure it dries super fast so you’re left feeling secure, dry and comfortable.
  • Water Repellent: The outside of your swimwear is also safeguarded by being water repellent. This helps the fabric repel water off the gusset area and keep water out.
  • Watch a short video on how our period swimwear works

All of these layers have been thoughtfully designed to be ultra-thin and discreet so you don’t feel any extra bulk than you would from wearing your usual swimwear. 

Will anyone know I’m on my period?

Not unless you tell them! It was very top of mind for us when designing our period swimwear collection to make our pieces discreet and stylish - just like your regular bathers. No matter what, as women we deserve stylish swimwear options, and that includes period swimwear. 

We designed gorgeous patterned options, as well as simple black swimming briefs that can be mixed and matched with your existing swimwear. It’s discreet and stylish, no one would ever know you’re wearing period swimwear.

For us, we provide you with more than just period swimwear, we offer you an opportunity to reclaim your freedom and step into a new chapter of confidence.

No more sitting on the side lines or shrinking away during your time of the month. Whether you're an avid swimmer or just like to dip your toes in the water, period swimwear can give you the confidence you need to enjoy family pool days, holidays and the sun, sand, and surf any time of the month.

Learn more about how period swimwear works

Are you ready to step into a new chapter of freedom?

Explore our Azure Belle Period Swimwear collection, thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind.

Feel confident in our stylish and sustainable period swimwear

Now that you know about period-proof swimwear, you can reduce your need for single-use sanitary products and swim confidently. Ladies and teens no longer have to miss out on the beach or pool when they have their period, thanks to our stylish, discreet, leak-proof period swimwear that can be washed and re-worn.

Suitable for light to moderate flow days, our swimwear is designed in Australia by women for women. Browse our complete range today to discover bikinis, one-pieces and long-sleeve designs, and reach out to our friendly customer care team if you have any questions or need help finding the right size.

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