Busting The Most Common Period Myths

Growing up, when you get your period, you start hearing the many myths around your time of the month. Many women grew up getting their knowledge about periods from passing whispers in school toilets or reading magazine articles, and now in the age of social media the amount of misinformation continues to grow. 

Many of these myths we hear are based on superstition or exaggerated stories, and can cause a lot of confusion for women of all ages. There’s nothing shameful about getting or talking about your period, so let’s break down and debunk some of the most common myths we all hear at some stage surrounding our time of the month.

MYTH #1: Swimming in the ocean on your period will attract sharks.

This is probably one of the most common period myths out there! It’s totally fine to be scared of sharks, but your period has nothing to do with increasing the likelihood of a shark attack. Truly, there’s never been a documented case of a shark attack because someone was menstruating. Plus, the amount of blood you lose when swimming on your period is usually no more than a child would get if they scraped their knee at the beach.

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MYTH #2: You should avoid exercise on your period.

While you might feel sluggish or not in the mood to exercise on your period, there’s absolutely no reason to avoid it. In fact, one of the best things you can do is move your body during your period. 

Light exercise like yoga, pilates, walking and swimming can help relieve cramps and period symptoms during your time of the month. Myth-busted! How good is that?

MYTH #3: Talking about your period is gross or taboo.

The idea that talking about your period is gross, taboo or shameful comes from a long history of embarrassment and shame that has been passed down with every generation of women. The stigma around periods has become so ingrained in our society, but there’s no reason for it to be this way. 

Periods are completely normal and nothing to be ashamed of. There’s no reason as women to continue feeling as if we need to whisper about when we’re on our period or shy away from doing the normal activities we enjoy. Many of these values around breaking the stigma are what Azure Belle Period Swimwear has been founded on!

MYTH #4: There are ways to shorten or delay your period.

Everyone’s cycle lengths are different and so is the length of your period. While you may notice your period is shorter in duration some months, there are no true ways to shorten or delay your period, other than with hormonal contraception. 

Factors such as travel, stress, weight fluctuations, emotions, and medications can impact the length of your period. Everyone’s cycle is unique to them!

MYTH #5: Menstrual blood is different to regular blood.

Menstrual blood is made up of the same blood that flows through your veins! However, during your period you lose not only blood, but shed the tissue lining of your uterus, cells, vaginal fluid and discharge. That’s why the colour and consistency seems different from the blood you see if you had a cut. 

MYTH #6: You can’t do the same activities you usually do when you’re on your period.

This couldn’t be further from the truth! There are little to no activities that you can’t do during your time of the month. While it’s important to take it easy if you don’t feel up to the usual activities or level of exertion during your period, you shouldn’t feel the need to avoid anything like exercise, swimming, or socialising. 

Azure Belle Period Swimwear was founded on the belief that women can do anything they set their mind to, at any point during their cycle, whether it’s your fortieth period or you’re helping your daughter or sister navigate their first. 

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