7 Benefits of Period-Proof Swimwear

We’ve all had that heart-stopping moment when a period sneaks up on us unexpectedly, or we’re faced with the possibility of a leak in public. It might have struck you on a bus or train, when you were debuting those new white linen pants or while sitting on someone else’s couch.

Add to the mix water, bikinis and the possibility of crimson leaks in the pool or ocean, and it’s no wonder so many of us think twice about braving the beach or swimming laps when we’re in the middle of a menstrual cycle. But, times are changing, and we have a solution that’ll help you swim confidently, through every day of your cycle.

Discover the incredible benefits of period-proof swimwear

Missing out on all that fun in the sun is a rough deal – surely there has to be a better way? Enter period swimwear. Designed to get wet and allow you a stress-free experience at the beach or the local swimming hole, it’s a game changer for days where you’d previously forgo the day trip entirely,or felt like you had to stay on dry land to avoid any embarrassing leaks.

The benefits of period-proof swimwear don’t just stop there, though. Check out our list of why we love this undercover swimming solution!

Our top 7 benefits of period-proof swimwear

  • Period swimwear means you never miss out

    The first and arguably most important entry on our list — If you just can’t handle the stress and mess of trying to subtly manage multiple tampon changes throughout the day, or you just don’t trust your menstrual device to handle the extra moisture, you might end up skipping the swim altogether. Haven’t worked up to trying out tampons yet? That’s cool too! At Azure Belle, we were tired of missing out, which is why we developed our reliable and rigorously tested period-proof swimmers for both adults and teens.

  • It’s one less thing to pack

    Speaking of mess and stress, period-proof swimwear streamlines your whole beach-going or lap exercise routine. You can even keep a spare pair of period-proof swimmers in your beach bag all year round, so they’re ready to go when you are. Because they’re designed to be worn in the water and afterwards, it’s one less thing to worry about packing — no extra underwear, pads or tampons needed.

  • You don’t need to run the toilet block once you’re out of the water

    Our period-proof one-pieces and bikinis are designed to work even when completely wet — that’s all part of their charm! Our cuts ensure a super tight fit that won’t leak and feels snug, meaning that you don’t have to do the dreaded duck-waddle back to the toilet block the second you’re out of the water. Simply take off your period-proof swimmers when you’re done splashing around, and keep them in your bag until you get home. Once washed with detergent, the fluid absorbed by your swimmers will release through the top layer, and they’ll be ready to use again!

  • It tackles with odours and smells

    Period-proof swimwear works by creating a water-resistant barrier that helps keep water out and your period blood in. This protective barrier also helps to keep odours and smells at bay because it prevents your flow from being exposed to oxygen. Once you’re out of the water, all you need to do is pop your wet swimmers in our waterproof pouch, and they’ll be securely stored in your bag, keeping the rest of your belongings nice and dry, until you get home.

  • It can help you deal with cramping during your period

    You’ve probably heard that physical exercise can help ease cramping during your cycle, but working up the effort to keep your body moving when you don’t feel great is much easier said than done. With period-proof swimwear, you can cool off and enjoy a leisurely lap or two with total confidence and nip those cramps in the bud with a low-impact, high-intensity physical activity.

  • It’s environmentally friendly

    Not only is the alternative to disposable menstrual pads and tampons an obvious benefit of period-proof swimwear, but it’s better for the planet for a few reasons. 

    At Azure Belle, we take our commitment to sustainability seriously. We use Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified fabric that is skin safe for all of our swimwear, and we focus on ethical and social manufacturing policies that treat workers fairly. We don’t use practices that harm the environment. As a company, we’re constantly working to reduce our carbon footprint, including moving to 100% recyclable packaging to have a smaller impact on the planet.

  • They’re not just for periods

    Women make up 80% of people living with incontinence, and bladder leakages can be caused by a variety of factors like childbirth, pelvic floor weakness and menopause. One of the benefits of period-proof swimwear is that it works not just for menstrual leaks but bladder leaks as well. Thanks to the absorption and water resistant fabric that keeps odours at bay, period-proof swimmers are a great confidence boost if leaks occasionally trouble you. 

    Ready to dive into a better way to swim on your period? 

    If you’ve been missing out on your regular swims or not being able to enjoy yourself at the beach for a week every month, there is a better way. With the period-proof swimwear from Azure Belle, you can enjoy as much paddle boarding, body surfing and record lap times as your heart desires.

    Our sleek designs are made to be as discreet as possible, so no-one will be able to tell the difference between your period-proof bikini and your regular one. If periods, bladder leaks or discharge have been holding you back from swimming, it’s time you tried the period-proof swimwear from Azure Belle.

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